Dr David Gunn


Family Medicine and Rural Emergency Medicine, Chief of Emergency Medicine Queens General Hospital, Liverpool, Nova Scotia Canada.

Indonesia/ Morocco


Puerto Rico/ Oahu Hawaii / Costa Rica / British Columbia, Canada / Morocco / Barbados / Indo / New Zealand/ East Coast U.S.A


  • July 2013 G-Land Surf Camp Physician
  • July 2014 Maca’s Surf Camp Physician
  • March 2015 Maca’s Surf Camp Physician

Family Medicine and Emergency Room Physician; Liverpool, Nova Scotia – 2005-present
Head of the Emergency Department 2005-present
Family Medicine Residency Program; Dalhousie University of Medicine, Nova Scotia, Canada- Graduated July 2005
Medical Degree; Saba University of Medicine, Netherlands-Antilles – Graduated January 2003

I know Matty won’t mind this story as he is a true Honey Badger of an Aussie who takes off deeper than anyone, despite a growing pile of old injuries. Unfortunately Matty’s face and the reef at Lance’s Left had a little tussle. When he came back on the boat he had a coral horn sticking out of one side of his forehead and a wound on the other side that reminded me of chainsaw gash, total hamburger. He was a great sport and all the boys on the boat were both helpful and funny as hell , which kept everyone laughing while I put him back together and dehorned him. While I worked I kept one eye on J.O.B getting pitted switch stance, as Lance’s left just kept getting bigger and bigger. One of the best moments of my life, sometimes everything comes together all at once.

I can’t imagine a better day than catching some perfect waves followed by putting a fellow surfers face back on. They almost always buy you a beer afterwards.


  1. Dr Dave is an absolute guru when it comes to reef inflicted injuries! Whilst in the mentawais he saved numerous people on his ‘holiday’! Loves a good slice and doesn’t mind the green room either. Your a great bloke mate look forward to your work in the future!
    The booger crew

  2. We kept Dave busy recently at Macca’s, love ya work mate, great having you guys around to pick up the pieces, hope the rest of your stay was a corker…go the lime!!

  3. Dr Dave cleaned me up and stitched my leg after meeting the reef at Macaronis on the first day of the trip. Super cool and professional (as was his vet wife Kristen). Got set up near the pool, with all the boys standing in the audience, and did a very neat job with three stitches in a concertina near my knee. Then a nifty double stitch thing in my shin, which he put in without anaesthetic cos he thought it would be quicker. I’m sure it was but it f@cken hurt! Made me feel more like a man though. I even took them out myself a week later back in Australia.

    Great surfing / doctor family, huge thanks for sorting it out and keeping me in the water. Cheers. June 2014.

  4. Thanks to Dr Dave great sewing job on Jamie Mc on massage table at Macaronis resort june 2014. Jamie got a face plant into reef fortunately no damage to reef so we can all still enjoy that great first section.
    Stiches to nose and cheek and some super stingy stuff to all the other abrasions. Professiional job great guy and inspiration to everyone happy to help fellow man.

  5. G’day Dave,

    Just like say a big thanks to you and Kristen for patching my foot up due to dragging it accross the Maccas reef at low tide. Your medical skills second to none along with some good humour and laid back attitude goes hand in hand with the surfing culture. You be glad to hear your couple of stiches held up through the Ambu Ambu ferry toilets and a few airports till I made it safe back in WA. Cheers heaps and I hope we cross paths one day again, if your ever in OZ be sure to look us up for a catch up and possibly a few beers. Enjoy the rest of your hols. Thanks, Reeceo.

  6. While staying at Macaronis resort in June 14′ I had the pleasure of meeting Dave and his family, watching the master at work patching up people from the resort and on boats with stiches, grazes and wounds. Its amazing to see people of his nature giving their time and medical supplys to such a remote area. Surf doctors is an amazing set up and encourage this more around the world. A big thanks goes out to all those dedicating their time and funds supporting this program, a benifit not just to surfers visiting the area, but surrounding communities in such remote areas of the world. Thankyou- EPIC!!!!!!!

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