1. Hi Dr. Chapman,

    I used to cover cuts with Tegaderm but despite having a perfect seal, the pad in tegaderm was always wet after surfing. I think this is because of sweat from the skin under the pad. Now I put Mepilex on the cut and then cover it with Tegaderm. When I take the tegaderm off after surfing the side of the Mepilex touching the wound is dry and the wound and skin around the wound are dry. The tegaderm pad is wet.

    Q.1 What do you think of this technique?

    Q.2 Do you think it is sweat that is making the tegaderm pad wet?

    Q.3 Is it OK to get sweat on the cut?

    Q.4 Is it OK if the Tegaderm pad is wet after surfing?

    Q.5 What product do you recommend for covering cuts and surfing?



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