Another G-land update

So since I last wrote…. Waves: yesterday turned from quite wee to nicely 5 ft and perfect, the swell’s hit WA already, and yesterday late arvo/ early evening we were starting to see pulses… Camp: 13 people out, 7 people in, numbers are low, crowds minimal, and the swell is coming… we should have some […]

G-land update

Hi all, time for an update from the jungle, now I’m on day 3 and have settled in… Surf first…. first day I think I’ve mentioned, but anyway the ledge was spitting, and people were happy… since the swell’s been dropping off… yesterday was small, but there were still waves… 3/10 by G-land standards, but […]

G- land

Greetings from the Java Jungle…Joyo’s Surf Camp remains a place of the epic chill and hospitality… Been in the jungle a few hours- but already managed to meet some old faces from last year and quite a few cool new ones as well. As always the staff have been legendary…. settling in with a nice […]


Hi all This is the first post on our new Surfing Doctors Blog!