Self treatment and jungle rashes

Greetings from the jungle It has been so good being back, I have now had 7 days of the best ground hog day in the world: eat, surf, eat, surf, eat, repeat! The waves have been consistently good, a couple of bigger days, but nothing massive and the crowd factor low and friendly. In essence […]

A few weeks at Macaronis Surf Resort – David Gunn

I have just finished a great couple of weeks at Macaronis Surf Resort. This was my second placement as a SurfingDoc, having done a stint at G Land last year. My beautiful goofy footed wife Kristen and son and daughter Angus and Ivy were my crew again this year. First of all I gotta say […]

Kiwi Camp

Hey everyone! Angry Angus here (I’m not actually that angry…). I arrived a few days ago out at Raymond’s camp and was welcomed by a pumping swell. I came out with two friends from NZ, Nick and Brad – just three of us on the boat. Four guys left and three of us arrived and […]

Surf travel’s gone viral – by Joel Menzies

I startled awake, rain pelting my face, wind lashing my body, incoherent ramblings being muttered by my brother. My last memory was drifting off to sleep, lingering images of clear turquoise barrels on my mind with the sun setting over isolated pacific paradise. Completely disoriented I stumbled up, only to be struck by flying debris. […]

Surfing Doctors Raffle

The annual Surfing Doctors fundraising raffle kicked off in April at the Margaret River Drug Aware Pro. Tickets were sold at the FOAMLUST expo ( ) at the Margaret River Cultural centre, a satellite shapers and surf lifestyle event associated with the competition where Phil did an excellent talk to a crowd of 100 about remote […]

Solomon Islands Project

  Surfing Doctors is working with New Zealand trained GP Dr Chris Millar to fundraise, build and staff a medical clinic at Namuga/Star Harbour. Namuga is an isolated community on the south-eastern tip of Makira Island in the Solomon Islands chain sheltering some of the best reef passes in the Pacific. The clinic will bring […]

Silabu (Mentawai Islands) Project

  Many of you will know Macaronis for its reputation as having one of the best left hand waves in the world. Lesser known is just how poor the living conditions and standard of health are in its neighboring village, Silabu. Simple issues like Dentition , Skin Hygeine and Malaria awareness are still a huge […]

G Land Infirmary

Surfing Doctors together with G-Land surf camp built a custom medical clinic in Grajagan, Java (G-Land). The purpose of the clinic is to provide medical care for surfers travelling to the region, as well as the staff and locals of the area. A roster is in place that means we aim to have a doctor […]

Surfing Doctors Raffle at FOAMLUST Expo !

Hi guys , The SurfDocs are running a raffle during the upcoming Margaret River Drug Aware Pro  contest in early April . Tickets can be purchased at the FOAMLUST EXPO  which is on during the event . The tickets cost 5 dollars , and the funds raised will go towards funding a project in the Mentawi […]

5th Annual Surfing Doctors Conference 25th August – 2nd September 2014 Plenkung Reserve SE Java, Indonesia.

Getting the ball rolling early this year, with this newsletter and also a provisional G-land Conference Programme. We are currently looking at the 25th August 2014 as the kick-off date. 
As in previous years this Conference will be accredited for CPD points by both the Emergency and Anaesthetic colleges of Australasia. 
If you are keen to come get back to us asap, and hopefully we can get you involved and presenting. 
Courses and Workshops are being looked into, to be conducted at G-land, and possibly the Mentawi Islands.

From East to West – G-Land to the Ments

With the season wrapping up towards the end of October in G-land, it was time to head west to the group of islets located off the western coast of Sumatra. Well-known in surfing folklore for some of the most perfect waves in the world, the Mentawai Islands were calling a few lucky Surfing Doctors crew […]

Silabu Sanitation Project , Mentawi Islands

Hi guys , time for a brief update after the 2013 G-land Conference . At present we have Dr’s Alex Turner and Ant Brown on a mission in the Ments . They are having a good look at the medical requirements in the area , and especially Silabu Village . To assist the guys at […]

Update part 2 – what a difference an inch and a half makes!

Up date part 2 – what a difference and inch and a half makes! I am writing this all In retrospect so I thought I’d stagger the blog a bit to give someone the chance, however unlikely, to get to the end of one of my ramblings! The swell continued to stick around and the […]

End of season big swell!

Howzit from the jungle. Just thought I’d update the blog with the jungle shenanigans of the last two weeks. And what a two weeks it has been! I arrived on the day of the ‘swell of the season’ and anticipation and nerves were running high right from the start as 4 out of the 7 […]