Conference Accommodation and Transport….

Conference Update! Guys- we really need to to get your accommodation and transport to the G-land from Bali organised ASAP. There are limited AC rooms/ Fan Bungalows at the camp, and otherwise accommodation is in Backpacker style accommodation – so please get in touch with as soon as possible to get your choices locked […]

Roster Requests for August please

Hi all, if anyone is available to do a stint at G-land this August, please let me know asap! Cheers all. Also start of September, and end of September after the the 25th still needs filling- drop me an email asap… Cheers, Preeti

Pumping waves claim victim in the jungle!!

Back to the jungle. What a feeling. Arriving Monday, with a new swell on the cards. Since then it’s been 3 days of cooking Money Trees, with the odd launching pad & speedies sets on the high. A solid swell arrived this morning, with the first dosage of carnage! Broken boards, leggies, & plenty of […]

Conference Froth + More !!

Hi guys , just a few things that have arisen of late , the most important being the request for expressions of interest in presenting at the 3rd Annual Surfing Doctors Conference in G-land at the G-spot Camp , 17th Sept – 21st Sept . If you are keen , and have a worthy topic […]

The hungry reef…

Waves have been pumping 6-8ft and Speedies has been on too, the froth is on. The camps are puzzlingly quiet so the surf has been extremely uncrowded- I’d say with the next swell on it’s way, it’s a good time to get out here…. The reef has been eating boards and skin pretty relentlessly… Some […]

Calling all SurfDoc crew…. SurfDoc needed…

Hi all, We’ve come up with an unexpected gap on the G-land roster from 24th June to about mid July. If you are keen, please drop me or Phil an email ASAP…. Cheers, Preeti

News from the G-land Jungle

I left WA amongst news of storm threats and high winds and was mighty glad to be heading to some tropical paradise…have settled into G-land Surf Camp (Raymond’s) over the last few days where Dave the photographer, Alfred, Alam, Supriy and the others have been doing a grand job in looking after everyone and keeping […]

G-Land Roster 2012

Hi guys , just a brief update about the roster at Raymond’s camp . At present we have Tim Sluis doing his bit for the cause . Next up we have Dr Preeti Nirgude heading over from the 9th June until the 24th June . After Preeti , there will be a handover to Dr […]

The most common surfing injuries?

Every wondered what the most common surfing injuries are? Take a look at this article…

Medical Student Information

Howzit guys , It’s been a long time coming , but we finally have a section for medical students . This link will have answers to FAQ’s , and information about Electives . Have a read , and maybe give us some feedback . Cheers PC

SurfDocs Medical Kits

Hi guys , Good to see the new website is up and rolling !! Lots of interest in the medical kit . Shopping Cart should be up a running soon , but in the interim you can order by contacting me directly . The cost in Oz is 150 Dollars , and we will keep […]

Surfing Doctors 2012 Newsletter

Howzit, and welcome to the 2nd ever Surfdocs newsletter. The reason these are so rare is that I have to type them, and I’m pretty slow. There is however quite a bit of news and information I need to share. No doubt you guys have all been super-busy with your normal, hardworking lives, with the […]

Drifting Sideways

Howzit guys We have had over a week of pumping waves and decent trade winds and on top of all of this Speed Reef kicked into gear on a few occasions.  Much to the joy of the “Drift”Movie crew who managed to get footage of Ross Clarke-Jones, Shaun Green and Ben Mortley  getting slotted down the end […]

Unfinished Monkey Business

Hi guys , Thought I’d run a quick update , as we yet again wait for the fog to get blown away by the trade wind .This has been the pattern for the last three days . Yesterday evening we had fun 6-8ft MoneyTrees . Glassy , long walls running for 50 to 100m , […]

Speedies Temptations

Howzit guys , Finally got a sniff at the legendary Speed Reef yesterday . We had a South Swell and a 1.3m high tide …this is usually not enough water , and we would have liked another foot of water on the reef , but there were still a few fun waves cracking through the […]

Hoax swell for the Spanish Armarda

Howzit guys Well, as predicted the swell arrived on cue, but unfortunately we didnt have the classic triad of perfect swell, tide & wind.  We awoke to a glassy, foggy morning – that according to Dr Larry felt more like a morning in San Francisco than anywhere else.. Waves were in the 6 – 8 […]

Hypocondriacs & Cosmo Madness

Howzit folks, from the south eastern tip of Java. Awoke to a foggy morning, which is now clearing into a beautiful sunny day.  So far the swell has not shown itself, but there were some fun waves yesterday for all punters. Yesterday we enjoyed fun waves in the 4 – 5 foot region, with the odd […]

Surfing Doctors conference feedback Sept 2011

Greetings from the Jungle.  This is a brief feedback following the 2nd successful Surfing Doctors Conference – which was help from 5 – 10 September. A big thanks to all the delegates who attended – we hope you enjoyed it and found in enlightening.  A special thanks to all the doc’s who presented talks.  Thanks […]