Silabu Sanitation Project , Mentawi Islands

Hi guys , time for a brief update after the 2013 G-land Conference . At present we have Dr’s Alex Turner and Ant Brown on a mission in the Ments . They are having a good look at the medical requirements in the area , and especially Silabu Village . To assist the guys at […]

Update part 2 – what a difference an inch and a half makes!

Up date part 2 – what a difference and inch and a half makes! I am writing this all In retrospect so I thought I’d stagger the blog a bit to give someone the chance, however unlikely, to get to the end of one of my ramblings! The swell continued to stick around and the […]

End of season big swell!

Howzit from the jungle. Just thought I’d update the blog with the jungle shenanigans of the last two weeks. And what a two weeks it has been! I arrived on the day of the ‘swell of the season’ and anticipation and nerves were running high right from the start as 4 out of the 7 […]


With this years annual Surfing Doctors conference just around the corner the froth is at an all time high. Following a number of requests we have turned on an epic swell for this years conference. With moon / tides / wind and swell all aligning setting G land up for some of it’s most perfect […]

Conference froth

  Greetings from Jungle town where we’re currently drinking to a few of the boys departure tomorrow and rocking out to NOFX – a few Bintangs down. The long range forecast is providing the goods for the conference with this epic run of swell set to continue rewarding all conference attendees. I’m sure we will […]

Jungle mail

Finally a reprieve from the swell today. Dropped to 2 -3 ft at Kongs, a fun session this morning still, and back out the again soon for the LAGO (late-afternoon-glass-off) Very much low key on the medical from, just the standard minor wounds and urchin extractions, plus a few sore heads (self induced). Pretty social […]

Nick Maister

Brief jungle update / pre-conference froth

              Caption- G-land medical team pulling in Surf has pumped all week with 10 ft plus sets rolling through. Thankfully not too much carnage on the reef apart from within the medical crew. Clive with a broken nose today which I swiftly reduced and myself with an eye injury […]

1st Sept G land update – Photog Dave’s mishap

01 September 2013   No serious mishaps since Dave (photographer at Rays) got nailed in the tinny 6 days ago. See the photos of the boat air borne trying to clear a wide set. Super sick effort by Froody and Clive getting him to the hospital for X-rays, arriving back at 3am! This from Dr Clivey […]

SurfDoc Nick Maister to the rescue!

Just came across this guy, Mark, in the car park at Winkipop, Victoria. Nice guy, a primary school teacher down for a wave from Melbourne. He had suffered a nasty gash to the back of his head from a stray fin. Took him back home to suture it up to save him a long wait […]

Remote Coastal Emergency Medicine Conference

Rural Health West is running a Remote Coastal Emergency Medicine Conference at Gnaraloo Station, WA from 6 – 8 September 2013. A new conference for 2013 designed to deliver high quality education in a stimulating remote location. Rural Health West is pleased to offer a Remote Coastal Emergency Medicine Conference at Gnaraloo Station, a working pastoral station adjacent to the Ningaloo Marine Park on the Coral Coast of Western Australia.

Surfing Doctors – Elective Report by Jake Cook

I remember learning of the Surfing Doctors as an organization and from the outset reducing my hopes of spending my elective with them as being ‘too good to be true’. But, sure enough, it became a reality, and one that lived up to expectations.

From a Surfing Doctor’s Perspective

I briefly touched on this a couple days ago but wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for allowing me to be involved in this program. The hardest thing for me throughout my medical education has the feeling that I am being pulled away from the surfing lifestyle and community that I love so much. I have defined myself as a surfer since before I can remember but in the last year I felt aspects of that lifestyle drift away and found myself surrounded by an unfamiliar group of people with very different interests and goals.

Just a little update from the Jungle

The back half of July was met with pumping surf which kept the surfers happy and the docs busy cleaning up the carnage off the reef.
For the most part the clinic has been filled with some solid lacerations, infected reef rash, and the ever-popular sea urchin spines imbedded deep beneath the skin. The biggest days of swell landed two young guys with dislocated shoulders and another with a torn ACL.

Solomon Islands – July 2013 by Nick Maister

On arrival in Honiara I met up with mate and Geelong Hospital Doc, Jon Dow, who had just returned from exploring the Solomon’s Western province. After a night in Honiara, Jon and I caught the short flight down to catch up with fellow Surfing Doc, Ant Brown in Kirakira, out East in Makira province. The plan being to commandeer a boat the next morning to head further east, to a spot renowned for hollow uncrowded reef setups and world-class fishing. As planned, and after loading numerous gallons of fuel, we set off on the estimated two hour journey. Three and a half hours later and with bruises on our arses that would last the rest of the trip, we arrived, having battled into a four-metre swell and 30 knot southeast wind. Alfred’s guest house and a fresh seafood meal that awaited us helped the memories of the hectic voyage fade as we began to froth on the options of waves in the region. That afternoon we surfed at the local left – it was small, but enough to forget the boat trip.

The Legend of G-Land

G-Land is the first in an on-going series titled, “Heroes, Myths, Legends and Lore” that examines the magic and mystery of wave riding.

Congrats to Gabe!

The Surfing Doctors recently held a raffle to raise funds, with all proceeds going to assist villages in Indonesia with sanitation, hygiene, etc. Great prizes were sponsored by Macaronis Resort – a weeks stay – 1st prize. 2nd prize, a week at G-land and 3rd prize, a Nathan Rose surfboard. Gabe Heussenstamm won first prize. Gabe is […]

tomkat!? invasion

Watch out for tomkats!? These little blighters (antlike beetle) release a nasty and irritating discharge when angered. The resultant skins ‘burn’ is almost vesicular in nature and not to dissimilar to certain spider bites.