Dr Anthony Buddle

  NATIONALITY: New Zealander/Kiwi CURRENT POSITION: Emergency medicine Registrar Waitakere hospital Auckland     FAVOURITE SURF DESTINATION: Indo & South pacific, PREVIOUS BENEVOLENT WORK: None yet – Hoping to start on this! Did my Elective as a medical student in Samoa TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: Travelled throughout the south pacific multiple times– Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Raro. Indo […]

Dr Peter Corrigan Acker

  Nationality: American (USA)   Current Position:   Clinical Instructor of Surgery/Emergency Medicine    Stanford University School of Medicine, California USA   Favorite Surf Destination: New Zealand Travel Experience: Throughout the US, Canada, Western Europe, Central America, South + SE Asia, Polynesia and Oceania, and a little dabbling in South America Education and Work Experience:  I […]

Dr Callum Swift

FAVOURITE SURF DESTINATION: Ireland, G land, Hossegor PREVIOUS BENEVOLENT WORK: 1 Month working in JFK hospital, Monrovia, Liberia 2 Months working in Magbenteh community hospital, Sierra Leone TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: South Africa / Mozambique / Liberia / Sierra Leone / Morocco / Mexico / Costa Rica / Nicaragua / USA / Canada / Indo / Europe […]

Dr Eghardt Brand

Consultant Intensivist at the Cottage MediClinic Hospital in Swakopmund, Namibia.

Dr Geoff Stewart

Senior remote Medical Practitioner- working in remote Aboriginal communities in the Top End

Dr John Gotta

Current Position: Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department at the Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Dr David Gunn

Family Medicine and Rural Emergency Medicine, Chief of Emergency Medicine Queens General Hospital, Liverpool, Nova Scotia Canada.

Dr David Lunianski

Current Position:
Anticipated Locum Tenens-both domestically and abroad hopefully. I last worked the 8-5 clinic thing at Barrington Family Medicine.