G-Land Roster 2012

Hi guys , just a brief update about the roster at Raymond’s camp . At present we have Tim Sluis doing his bit for the cause . Next up we have Dr Preeti Nirgude heading over from the 9th June until the 24th June . After Preeti , there will be a handover to Dr […]

The most common surfing injuries?

Every wondered what the most common surfing injuries are? Take a look at this article… http://espn.go.com/action/surfing/blog/_/post/7796297/surfing-most-popular-injuries

Macas’s Surf Guide’s nasty meeting with Macas reef

After driving through a large foamy barrel at Macas on April 20th I was picked up and driven headfirst into the reef. Feeling my wound underwater with my fingers and surfacing in a blood-red frothy circle, I was collected by my crew in the dinghy and deposited on the back deck of “samudra biru”, my […]

Medical Student Information

Howzit guys , It’s been a long time coming , but we finally have a section for medical students . This link will have answers to FAQ’s , and information about Electives . Have a read , and maybe give us some feedback . Cheers PC

SurfDocs Medical Kits

Hi guys , Good to see the new website is up and rolling !! Lots of interest in the medical kit . Shopping Cart should be up a running soon , but in the interim you can order by contacting me directly . The cost in Oz is 150 Dollars , and we will keep […]

Surfing Doctors 2012 Newsletter

Howzit, and welcome to the 2nd ever Surfdocs newsletter. The reason these are so rare is that I have to type them, and I’m pretty slow. There is however quite a bit of news and information I need to share. No doubt you guys have all been super-busy with your normal, hardworking lives, with the […]

Dr Phil Chapman

Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine at the Bunbury Regional Hospital in WA.

Dr Nils von Delft

Currently doing my community service year, working in: Department of Anaesthesiology, Frere &Cecelia Makiwane Hospital Complex, East London, South Africa.

Dr Gerhard Erasmus

Currently (soon to be) working in: Department of Anaesthetics, Bundaberg Hospital, Queensland