Traveller’s Vaccinations – by Enoch J. Wang

As surfers we travel to all regions of the world. Often times this takes us to developing nations and tropical regions where many vaccine preventable diseases can occur. The exact requirements for vaccination vary depending on the region.

Safe Surfing

Get a decent travel insurance policy covering the full duration of your trip, and make sure it SPECIFICALLY includes surfing. Find out if you need any additional immunisations – your GP or travel clinic can help you with this.

Drifting Sideways

Howzit guys We have had over a week of pumping waves and decent trade winds and on top of all of this Speed Reef kicked into gear on a few occasions.  Much to the joy of the “Drift”Movie crew who managed to get footage of Ross Clarke-Jones, Shaun Green and Ben Mortley  getting slotted down the end […]

Unfinished Monkey Business

Hi guys , Thought I’d run a quick update , as we yet again wait for the fog to get blown away by the trade wind .This has been the pattern for the last three days . Yesterday evening we had fun 6-8ft MoneyTrees . Glassy , long walls running for 50 to 100m , […]

Speedies Temptations

Howzit guys , Finally got a sniff at the legendary Speed Reef yesterday . We had a South Swell and a 1.3m high tide …this is usually not enough water , and we would have liked another foot of water on the reef , but there were still a few fun waves cracking through the […]

Hoax swell for the Spanish Armarda

Howzit guys Well, as predicted the swell arrived on cue, but unfortunately we didnt have the classic triad of perfect swell, tide & wind.  We awoke to a glassy, foggy morning – that according to Dr Larry felt more like a morning in San Francisco than anywhere else.. Waves were in the 6 – 8 […]

Hypocondriacs & Cosmo Madness

Howzit folks, from the south eastern tip of Java. Awoke to a foggy morning, which is now clearing into a beautiful sunny day.  So far the swell has not shown itself, but there were some fun waves yesterday for all punters. Yesterday we enjoyed fun waves in the 4 – 5 foot region, with the odd […]

Surfing Doctors conference feedback Sept 2011

Greetings from the Jungle.  This is a brief feedback following the 2nd successful Surfing Doctors Conference – which was help from 5 – 10 September. A big thanks to all the delegates who attended – we hope you enjoyed it and found in enlightening.  A special thanks to all the doc’s who presented talks.  Thanks […]

August update from G-land….

Another mission to the Jungle. Straight from nightshift, to an overnight flight from London, I met up with theBOMBsurf Swindler in Kuta (his blog is here: who’s been scoring great waves in Indo for the last few weeks and is on the most awesome round the world surf trip… he got hooked up with […]


We’ve just decided on a new venue for the Surfing Doctors 2012 Conference. It’s going to be held in Coffee Bay, South Africa, dates to be announced soon, but please send your expressions of interest to me at Cheers, Preeti

Dr. Giovanni Palattella’s story

this guys from germany called Mario that learn surfing two years before but really good to be such short time; he paddle out at money threes the last day of the 6 foot swell staying on the side just to look at the waves; but after a while with less crowd and higther tide he […]

Surf Docs tees

PC, got mail today ;). Thanks! Please let me know how I can donate? Looks quite good if I had to say it myself! Bart Willems