Surfing Doctors conference feedback Sept 2011

Greetings from the Jungle.  This is a brief feedback following the 2nd successful Surfing Doctors Conference – which was help from 5 – 10 September. A big thanks to all the delegates who attended – we hope you enjoyed it and found in enlightening.  A special thanks to all the doc’s who presented talks.  Thanks […]

August update from G-land….

Another mission to the Jungle. Straight from nightshift, to an overnight flight from London, I met up with theBOMBsurf Swindler in Kuta (his blog is here: who’s been scoring great waves in Indo for the last few weeks and is on the most awesome round the world surf trip… he got hooked up with […]


We’ve just decided on a new venue for the Surfing Doctors 2012 Conference. It’s going to be held in Coffee Bay, South Africa, dates to be announced soon, but please send your expressions of interest to me at Cheers, Preeti

Dr. Giovanni Palattella’s story

this guys from germany called Mario that learn surfing two years before but really good to be such short time; he paddle out at money threes the last day of the 6 foot swell staying on the side just to look at the waves; but after a while with less crowd and higther tide he […]

Surf Docs tees

PC, got mail today ;). Thanks! Please let me know how I can donate? Looks quite good if I had to say it myself! Bart Willems            

G-Land update

Hey guys. The surf has ranged from small to pumping and the injuries minimal the past week at G-land. The worst of it was an Argentinian guy who cut his fingers on his fin and needed some stitches. Unfortunately the pics are a bit blurry but you get the idea. Otherwise it’s business as usual […]


Hi guys- just a quick one to let you know that transport options/ dates have changed- Joyo’s camp is now using Bobby’s fast boat- the cost is the same $125 US each way but note the date changes. Overland option is unchanged.  Trying to organise all of this at the moment- so please please let me […]

Settling In

Hey Everybody! Just arrived here at Joyo’s yesterday and things are off to a great start.  We’re getting the clinic cleaned up and geared up for the solid swell set to arrive Saturday and last through Monday at least.  The examining table was looking a little unstable due to wood rot and repairs are underway. […]

Surf Docs Medical Kit – OUTSTANDING!

Philip the medical kit was OUTSTANDING, thank you! Jason Stevens cut his hand badly on the first day (2 stitches, but needed about 5 I recon) and he used the kit non stop. A lot of the boys tucked in.

More topics for the Surfing Doctors conference

In addition to the outline of the conference content posted previously, we’re pleased to be able to tell you we will also be adding in a session on Surfers and Eye Problems which will be presented by Simon Nothling, Phil Chapman will be doing an update on Toxicology and Drugs of Abuse, and we will […]


There was the situation I always tried to avoid…hitting the reef face-first at a very remote place, 6 hours drive to the next hospital. My lip split, a cut on my nose and some minor scratches, but I was in luck though.

Surfing Doctors Conference Provisional Programme 2011

Surfing Doctors 2nd Annual Conference G-land, Java 4-11th September 2011 This year we’ll be covering the usual themes of remote and rural medicine, but in the light of global events, there will be an emphasis on natural disasters, and disaster management. Mike Frood’s also offered to give us all a crash course in Indonesian. Programme: […]

Surfing Doctors Conference 4-11th September, G-land, Java, Indonesia

So the cogs are grinding and plans for the 2011 Surfing Doctors Conference are afoot… it looks like we’ll be bring you a variety of talks and the usual crew and waves will be present as ever… Dates are 4-11th September 2011 at Joyo’s Surf Camp, G-land, you can find information about the accommodation available […]

Surfing Doctors Conference 2011 Dates Sept 4th-11th September 2011

We’ve decided to set the 2011 Surfing Doctors Conference at G-land for 4-11th Sept 2011, which coincides with the Joyo’s Surf Camp trip dates… Overland transport will leave Kuta late night 4th, or fast boat on the 5th early AM and transport back on the 11th Sept… Please can you have a look at the […]

Fun, Fever & Fungus

Hi there crew , reporting in from WA after just having returned from the SE  Javanese jungle , where the internet was decidedly unreliable . After an initial pulse of solid swell in late September things went relatively quiet as we headed into October.  There were still fun sessions to be had up at Kongs […]

Monsoon Madness , Speedies suprise , and silicone sausages !!

Howdy folks Back deep in the java jungle reporting in we have medical student AT Turner and Dr Phil Chapman aka ‘Dr Evil’ Been a busy few days on all fronts with pumping swell for the last 3 days and consequently no shortage of broken boards bodies and egos! Started off quite slow and relaxed […]