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  2. Hi. A friend of mine was surfing in small to moderate surf and did not suffer any major wipe outs or heavy push unders, falls or anything extraordinary that he can recall. After his surf he did complain about a bit of neck pain but did not think too much about it. 2 hours later he suffered a stroke and was hospitalized immediately. Thankfully he has made a full recovery and has no major side effects. The medical analysis has shown that the stroke was probably caused by a blood clot caused by a tear to the artery and he has been advised to stop surfing completely. Is this something that you have ever heard of?
    Would you agree with this cause of the stroke?

  3. Hi, I am a GP in Wollongong NSW Australia , who just happened on your website. I have been on trips with Surfers Medical Association and with AMPED and would be interested in your future conferences and such. I will be spending a week in the Maldives from 29/7/18 to 5/8/17 , then probably a week in Bali. Not sure how the roster thingy works at G land but will email as above to see if they need anyone for the week of 6th august 2018 and what the arrangements are wrt accomodation etc.
    regards John Watson

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