Leaving the Jungle…

Leaving the jungle is never easy to do, but leave I had to.. I’m writing from the shiny airport at Seoul, courtesy of their free WiFi…

Speedies has been going off the last couple of days with lots of happy and frazzled folk- again crowd factor has been minimal…

To summarise, I’ll quote Nick Yoga teacher’s facebook updates, and you’ll get the idea…

“Got so many perfect barrels today, but the best one was definitely the one I turned to the old guy outside me and said ‘this ones perfect….and its yours!- go mate!’ old guy got so shacked and paddled out SO happy. Can’t remember the rest, but won’t ever forget that one…..”

“SPEED BENDER DAY 2- Speed Reef that is- bigger,thicker, faster, hollower…. tide starting to cover the reef, body ready, mind clear, insurance details at hand, anticipation boiling…….”

The boys will be celebrating Frenchie’s 27th birthday tonight… keep it tidy, lads….

So back to London for a few weeks for me, back at the end of the month, hope you have enjoyed the updates from the G-land Jungle, there will be more when I am back, and in the meantime, I’ll be leaving you with Dr Phil Chapman…



  1. Dude – you lost me in the middle there but extrapolating from the rest, – you rock! Looking forward to catching up. Happy flying

  2. Thanks Preeti . . . enjoyed reading the updates . . . pretty green with envy . . . haven’t had decent waves abroad since teh trip to the Mentals in August 2004!

    But I look forward to PC’s updates . . . but when he will find time to write a blog between surfing, drinking and the occassional bout (hopefully not too many) of professional services will be interesting to see.


  3. Yo sistah…well done, Jojo’s safer, more sanitary and kitchen now has HACCP program in place right? Lukky fish you..doing this stuff. Indo Rocks. BigG

  4. A big thanks to Preeti for getting the Blog started . It’s early days , but we hope to keep it rolling along . Also to try and make it as interactive as possible .
    WA is presently locked in some kind of ice age !! The water and air temps have plummeted , and , although there are some clean waves to be had , most crew have been seen shivering in the lineups . Considering donning the hood and boots is a real prospect , but , I think getting on a plane to Indo is a better one .

    I will be headed for G-land , and will be reporting in from there soon ….along with my trusty guide , Matt ” The Fat Bastard ” Dobell .

    We will keep it loose and informative .


  5. Hi PC,
    Winter is upon us again in CT and swell is still cooking but kuk and cold and wet today.
    give i horns chief and tell the backhanders to “grab their rails and hoes!!” keep us posted chief. cheers. rosscoe

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