Dr James Raaff – Biokinetics


NATIONALITY: South African

QUALIFICATIONS: Masters Sports Science, Hons-B (Sports Science) (Biokinetics)

Registered Biokineticist. Founded the House of Holistic Health an Integrative Holistic Healthcare Practice in Gardens Cape Town. I present HPCSA accredited CPD workshops to orthopaedic manipulative therapists, sports Physiotherapists and Biokineticists in South Africa. I have worked in injuries and rehabilitation in professional rugby (SA Rugby Squad 2001), international gymnastics (FIG biomechanics expert) and in private practice. I specialize in pre- and post-operative rehabilitation of spinal, pelvic and shoulder complex injuries. I have a special interest in the role of posture and stability in orthopaedic rehab.

Indonesia, South Africa, Maldives, Madagascar

South African east and west coast, Namibia, Madagascar, Maldives, Indonesia, Australia (east coast), Iceland, Norway, Antarctica!

I recently completed the Extreme World Races Centenary South Pole Challenge with 2 teammates. It was an expedition ski race to the South Pole. We raised several hundred thousand pounds for the charity “Keep a Child Alive”

I grew up surfing with the Voodoo Doctor Chapman, not sure if that is a good thing but it means that we surfed many types of surf and had several tempering experiences! I am a goofy foot and I like warm-water barrels.

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