September G-land Froth is on !!

Well it’s that time of the year again , and the crazy September crew are heading north . News has filtered out of the camps that the surf in August was pretty good . Unfortunately there was a chap who dislocated his shoulder and there was no doc around . Yet again a reminder to have your travel insurance jacked up before you head to remote destinations .
Now that I have finally had some time off work , I have mastered the Blog and will be doing a daily report from the jungle .
I , like Preeti , will be sending out news about the surf , the people , the food , the injuries and of course the parties !!
The other aim of this link is to provide some up to date / on the spot medical information to assist anyone who finds themselves in a remote location and is in need of
medical attention .
So , I better get back to packing my medical gear , suture kits etc , and you will hear from me again on the morrow reporting in from G-land . Cheers , Dr Phil


  1. Hi Dr Phil

    I am from Kowie in the ECAPE, SA..spent time at Gland many years ago, and miss it soo much ! keep sending out surf reports so I can dream a bit more…hows the crowd factor now ? I would guess its not too busy ?

    Keep up the good work and the news from Gland coming !

    Warwick Heny

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