Macas’s Surf Guide’s nasty meeting with Macas reef

After driving through a large foamy barrel at Macas on April 20th I was picked up and driven headfirst into the reef. Feeling my wound underwater with my fingers and surfacing in a blood-red frothy circle, I was collected by my crew in the dinghy and deposited on the back deck of “samudra biru”, my working vessel.

2 of my guests were lifeguards from California but made it clear that they were not up to dealing with my injuries; a large deep star-hole in my eyebrow and a 2 1/2 inch zig zag cut an inch below my hairline and above my eye going up into my hair. After cleaning it all with water and compressing it with bandages, I asked my captain to race into nearby Macas resort to see if they by chance had a doctor in-house as a guest.

10 Minutes later she appeared. A French ER doctor with the blue “Surf-Docs” first aid kit that Phil Chapman had left at the resort a few weeks previously when I was also working there. We already had all the necessary equipment on the vessel anyway so Anne-Marie got to work cleaning my wounds with iodine and put 5 stitches in my eyebrow, pulling it all together and snipping bits where needed and then placing 9 stitches in the head cut.

After taking Cephalexin 500mg for 10 days the wound is looking great. I spent as much time as possible in front of the a/c unit set on 18 degrees, drank plenty of water and rested. Stitches were removed 2 days ago on May 1st and my neck is still very stiff and sore. Thanx to my guardian angel, Anne-Marie from bordeaux, without whom I would’ve been up for an evacuation to singapore or KL.

Christian Jon Barton

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  1. lucky to have had a gaurdian angel 😉 sounds gnarly…

    iam also a doctor and a lifegaurd… any chances you would be able to make use of my services at your resort? willing to work for free 🙂 seriously!

    hope yoru already back in the water…
    enjoy, and remember the reef always wins, so dont try headbutting it again!


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