G-Land Roster 2012

Hi guys , just a brief update about the roster at Raymond’s camp . At present we have Tim Sluis doing his bit for the cause . Next up we have Dr Preeti Nirgude heading over from the 9th June until the 24th June . After Preeti , there will be a handover to Dr Nils von Delft and he will be there until the middle of July . Thereafter Dr Simon Nothling will take over until the end of July . At present August is open , but I am hoping to sort that out soon .
Other news is that Dr Clay Everline from www.wavesofhealth.com will be able to make the conference in September . We might have to delay proceedings for a day or two , but more about that later when I get my act together and role with the conference programme .
In the meantime , I’m on a mission chasing the swells north ..that is NW WA , to the land of red dirt and long , solid lefts !! Yew !!
Cheers for now ,
Dr Phil

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  1. Hi Dr Phil

    I’m Dr Haus, but also not the Dr “House” from the TV.

    I’m a specialist anaesthetist based in Cape Town, South Africa….

    If you need a doctor on G-Land from October-November 2012 let me know. I’m quite flexible with my work schedule and am likely to be available that time.

    Should i sign up to this thing or something? (so that you can call on me when you have a gap in the roster)How does it work?

    Nikolas Haus

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