News from the G-land Jungle

I left WA amongst news of storm threats and high winds and was mighty glad to be heading to some tropical paradise…have settled into G-land Surf Camp (Raymond’s) over the last few days where Dave the photographer, Alfred, Alam, Supriy and the others have been doing a grand job in looking after everyone and keeping camp ticking over…

We arrived to head high G-land and none of the camps even close to capacity, so nice and uncrowded. The second day saw the swell direction change to a more west swell, which seems to cause a bit of funk…the count for the day was a fractured ulna, torn rotator cuff and knee injury all on the same day… the guy with the ulna had actually made his own way to the jungle via dirtbike… a bit of an adventure by all accounts, a long way to come to break your arm within 24 hours of being here… Yesterday it had dropped off further and the highlight of the day was everyone from all camps convening at Bobby’s Camp to watch the State of Origin over a few icy bintangs… the party went on well into the night… A few jaded souls about camp today, but a new swell is brewing…. watch this space….

Cheers for now…

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