The hungry reef…

Waves have been pumping 6-8ft and Speedies has been on too, the froth is on. The camps are puzzlingly quiet so the surf has been extremely uncrowded- I’d say with the next swell on it’s way, it’s a good time to get out here….

The reef has been eating boards and skin pretty relentlessly… Some very angry looking reef scrapes have been had… so I’m just gonna remind everyone to look after their cuts and scrapes… I know, I know, sounds pretty basic, clean your cuts, disinfect them, keep them covered if they are on your feet, and you can save yourself a nasty cellulitis… we’ve had one pretty severe infection that started life as a pretty small reef cut on the sole of the foot… We’ve had a couple of on land injuries as well- watch out for rocks that jump up out of nowhwere, they bite.

Outside the surf, the monkey wars are back on. Kimbo’s arrived with various ammunition from Bali and the main activity on land has been warding off our simian friends- they are in force, turning on and off taps and taking anything that isn’t nailed down….

Looking like we’ve got waves all week… I’ll keep you posted..


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