Conference Froth + More !!

Hi guys , just a few things that have arisen of late , the most important being the request for expressions of interest in presenting at the 3rd Annual Surfing Doctors Conference in G-land at the G-spot Camp , 17th Sept – 21st Sept . If you are keen , and have a worthy topic please contact me asap . At present we have Dr Preeti out there in the Jungle sorting crew out .
On a slightly different track I’d like to highlight a few websites that have been brought to my attention of late : – here you will find an awesome collection of photos from Dr Steve’s travels – He is an ED physician originally from South Africa , now based in Western Australia .
On the alternative healing front , suss out : , here you can find a wealth of info from Dr Jenna Murad – specialist in Acupuncture .
Our web designer , Shannon has now launched another site worth sussing out called : – here she is into all things surf-related in Cape Town .
I have also received mail from the Emerald Isle , and here the chaps have done a fine effort with their site : – check it out !
Finally as it’s time to ” Dos ” as they say in Seth Efrikan – suss out the merits of Green Calcium ( A Magnesium and Calcium supplement ) – the website is : – this stuff is worthy , and you will get a good nights sleep !!
More on the MicrOrganics products soon .
Adios for now ,
Dr Phil


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