Swell generator at work !

Hi guys , well there has been some pretty good surf , and the swell is predicted to rise .
It was a clean 4-6ft today , and we had a fairly mellow crowd .
Things are looking up , and hopefully the predicted swell doesn’t wash through .
No nasty lacerations today , but we have had some unwell punters , including our guide Matt .
His savage attack of gastro might stem from a local delicacy known as the ” Sausage Fish ” .
The large amount of Bintangs consumed last night probably did not help either .
Other news is that the Chopper landing pad has been completed , and there is also a plan afoot to build an infirmary .
The sunburn has kicked in , and I have a mild dose of punctate keratitis ….so I’m off to medicate myself …Cheers for now , Dr Phil ( Resident Surfdoc at the G-land Jungle Camp ) .

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