A day of cooking waves , and perspective .

Howzit guys ,
It has been a huge day of perfect waves and savage sunburn ..still fighting with the keyboard , but we have come to some kind of strange nexus .
Today provided all punters with solid 6-8ft tubes .
There were a few very memorable moments ..
I’m not going to stroke anyones egos …so , thats it .
Crowd levels are reasonable …but manners in the surf have been lacking big time . Resident photog John Hepler has documented the days activities , and there have been a few savage burnings …
Sad to see this happening on such a perfect day in perfect environs .
Food is looking , and tasting excellent …good on the kitchen crew ..( All taking up the expertise the gleaned from Dr Preeti ) .
As far as injuries go , I was surprised there were so few .
John ” The Dutts Nuts ” Dutton had a minor basting on the reef …but is hanging in there .His knee will heal ok .
There were a few Soft tissue injuries …and a few minor lacerations ..but , no major carnage ..
Happy campers all round …
The party is definitely at the Jungle camp .Unless you drive a Porche SUV , and ride a 9 ft board , wearing a linen shirt …you best stay up at Pergutory at the Point …( You guys know what we are on about ….haha ) ….The jungle subba cultcha : The lonely squirrel wandered in to the camp a few days ago …looking for companionship …only found a few skunks , rats …and really hot lookin men …But , then inpector Perrow rolled into town ….And did some serious detective work ….thus finding out the real plot ..good on old inspector Perrow …CSI , going down at G-Land ..As we examine the mirror / disco ball …The prognosis is that the swell is going to get very tumescent …and possibly succulent …but , who knows …tune in on the morrow for more juicy tales from the Jungle …
Signing off : Dr Phil and his twisted guide ..Matt ………( Who loves his wife !! ) .

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