Pumping waves claim victim in the jungle!!

Back to the jungle. What a feeling. Arriving Monday, with a new swell on the cards. Since then it’s been 3 days of cooking Money Trees, with the odd launching pad & speedies sets on the high. A solid swell arrived this morning, with the first dosage of carnage! Broken boards, leggies, & plenty of ego’s! Double over head ++. Even an apology to one of the guys at the camp from Roger Ramjet – the raging Seppo who wasn’t getting his predetermined daily wave count who then chased one of his fellow countrymen around the lineup until he couldn’t swear no more. Classic!

On the med front, young Banjo an 18 y.o. charger from Barwan Heads, Vicco, had a tangle with the nose of his brand new, self-made stick, & came off second best. After air dropping out of the lip, the heavy offshore blew his board vertically, resulting in a nasty puncture wound through his left leg, cutting deep into his thigh. Closer inspection revealed a worryingsome pulsating femoral artery. Luckily, the chopper back in Bali was available, & within a few hours Banjo was experiencing his first ever chopper ride back to the BIMC, with a plastic surgeon awaiting his arrival. All the best mate!

Righto, more swell forecasted for tomorrow & the forseeable future. Photos to come. Safe surfing!

Oh, and the new infirmary is coming along nicely!


  1. Am enjoying my annual G-Land trip and a big thanks to the young Oz Docs on location here.The young kid was VERY unlucky and we all wish him a speedy recovery.Other so called chargers come here,hassle,snake and want everything that comes thru and eventually get bitten and are LUCKY that people like Si and Ant are around to help.Remember we are all on Holidays,so leave the attitudes and(How Good Am I)tickets at home.Have a good look in the mirror before you go away and think of your fellow surfers,travel and surf safe.Share the waves and you will have a much better time and good karma will happen.
    Well done again Docs,great organisation.keep up the good work
    Surfing is Fun.

  2. Many, many thanks to Anthony and Simon the docs who looked after Banjo (my son)the service you guys provide is priceless to be in such a remote location and have such medical expertise on hand is absolutely fantastic. Banjo has been released from BIMC after recieving several layers of internal stitches to the muscle and 17 stitches to close the wound, and is kicking back in a hotel in Kuta planning his trip back to G-Land. His biggest regret about the trip was that he didn’t get barrelled, though happy he caught a couple of bombs.
    That pulsating artery was not a pleasant sight, absolutely freaked me out.
    Once again, thankyou so much from the deepest place in my heart

  3. great to hear Banjo is on the recovery Steve … some nice photos there Dave – keep up the good work – that’s a nice lens you’ve got ! Ant, you’ve missed some all time waves – maybe next year mate ! safe surfing

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