Big swell washout !

Well folks here we are again in the humid /torpid heat ..Swell maxed out at 8ft+ , and along with the low tides and the surge we were all forced to
head twenty minutes down the track to 20/20’s
. It was a clean 3-4ft ..which was pleasantly
surprising …
It was great to share waves with the midnight
rambler ” Kenny Rogers ” ..who was pulling a bit of
‘ You know when to hold em …and I know when to
pull back ..and I know when to run ..( From the tube of course ) .
That has not been the only celebrity sighting .
John ” Turtle ” Philbin , has also been spotted lurking
in the lineup ..
On the walk back after getting our rash guards
signed , and photos taken ..we were greeted with
a menagery of animals : Bush pigs …/ Swimming
monitor lizards / Raving monkeys / Manic kiwis
and ecstatic Springboks …haha ..
We had no real injuries today ..but , the Hypochondriasis count was off the richter ..

The food was alltime tonight in the Jungle Camp .
Hats off to the team in the kitchen ..
The beef rendang went down a treat ..with our
hungry guide consuming 2 helpings in quick sucesion ..

Thats all for now folks ..
Time to kick back and relax ..
Adios , Dr Phil ..and Matt ( FB ) .

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