Eoghan Deasy – Physiotherapist

Nationality: Irish

Current Position: 
2nd year of graduate entry medicine course. Also work part-time as a physiotherapist in private practice

Local Breaks:
Castlefreke, Inchydoney, Ownahincha (all in West Cork)

Favourite Surf Destinations:
NZ, Australia, France, California, Spain, Ireland

Non-Surf Travel Experience:
Most of Europe, USA, South-east Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Carribean, the Bahamas, Mexico

Education and Work Experience:
I graduated as a physiotherapist originally in 2008 and went to New Zealand to work in private practice in Wellington for a year and a half. After some travelling, I arrived home and began to work again in private practice before starting the graduate entry medicine course in University College Cork. I have just finished first year, which was fairly full on at times!

Any Other Information:
What keeps me going is surfing and playing gaelic football, the national sport of Ireland. Like Angus, most of the best surf that I have scored in Ireland has been in freezing water when most people think you’re out of your mind to be in a wetsuit, but that’s half the fun! I also run a surfing website, www.surfrepublic.ie with a friend of mine who is a physiotherapist. I am really enjoying med school so far and am becoming increasingly interested in emergency medicine. I would love to be able to help out with the site as much as possible, as I think it is a fantastic resource for anyone with an interest in medicine and surfing. I would also like to be able to learn as much as I can from doctors with much greater experience than I could hope to achieve for a long time. If anyone is ever in Ireland and needs somewhere to stay/a spare board, my email is eoghandeasy@hotmail.com and I’ll do my best to help you out

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