Roosters raid the coop .

The Roosters woke up bleary eyed trying to live
up to there namesake ..

We woke up to a massive south mass off surf ..
After a couple of eggs / and bacon ….the reality was
the G-land farmers had nothing worthy of cutivation
on our beloved reef ..thus leading to one thing ..
a serious case of hypochondriasis ..and H1 N1 flu ……
Spreading it’s virulent infection across the last v
2 km’s of said ” Never surfed before ” pristine ..
perfection ..
In saying so we also shared this newfound magibcal
spot …For the uneducated is a wave that could
make you or break you at G-land …( And we are
serious about that ! ) …..Don’t mess with Dr Phil
and Dr Dibbs …coz we know whats going down ..
And if you dont believe us ..we were never here .
Food was once again awesome …ensuring the
adequate covering of our ample middle age spread ..
The local social studies have been observed
, and the young vibrant squirrel , who has been trying
to nest all over the amazing jungle camp , has been spotted with a streak of panic in her eyes ..
” It’s my last night ..and I need some nuts !! ”
…” Would one of you deprived surfers help me !!
” ..As all the fit looking surfers looked that squirrel
in the eye ..and stated ” Later babe , I’m here to ride the blue tube , and pink tubes are universal ..
Later you squirrelish babe ..and if you wanna catch the wave …Think about bra packing ..ekse .
Thats like South Efriken style …Dr Evil and Dr
Dibble ..( The Boobie consuire …) .

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