Patience ..and then some .

Well folks , the swell has remained solid . So solid
that were unable to attack the main break again
today .
If , however the vital ingredients had come togather
..we could have had a perfect day ..
Such is life .
We awoke to a major downpour , followed by
pretty radical humidity .
The keen surfers headed for 20/20’s ..for the breakfast sesh .
Later in the day good waves were surfed at Chickens and 20’s …It would have ranged from 3-6ft ..
and clean .
Detective Perrow and his merry band departed this am ..and they were replaced by a small crew from
Brazil and South Africa .
Davie Pfaff and Lyle Botcher pulled in ..amped
and ready for some juice .
No major carnage today ..except a few hangovers .
The party was last night ..with the WA / Vortex
boyz going right off ..Nathan Rose , and the Dutts Nuts ..leading the charge .
Food was once again awesome ….the chicken dish
tonight was alltime ! Good on the Jungle crew .

We are all hoping for some clean ..slightly smaller
, more manageable juice on the morrow .

Prayers going out to the Surfgods tonite .
Thats all for tonight ..
Cheers guys , Regards …Dr Phil


  1. PC ole mate! No sympathy for the off days. Surfed 6ft Heaven a few weeks ago in the cleanest conditions I’ve seen it. Even pulled off a neat late-drop-face-plant-brachial-plexus-compression-manouvre that I’ve not practiced much and lost sensory and motor control of my arm for 20 minutes. Thought that might excite you. How long are you there for? I have a mission to get epic lefts soon though and I know where I must go…

  2. Howzit James ,
    The brachial plexus manouvre sounds quite hectic . Has it improved now ?
    In G-land now for another 10 days …Been getting some solid juice .
    Dave Pfaff and Lyle Botcher are here getting stuck in !
    Chat soon ,

  3. Shoulder/neck is cool. Trying to swing it off by hitting 100’s of golf balls, then when there’s surf – paddle it off. I have moderate ligamentous laxity – sulcus sign, more than enough translation at knees etc – I see it in some patients too but contrary to gut feel, it doesn’t seem to increase injury risk. Some local stability conditioning exercise definitely speeds rehab and probably prevents loads. Got a cool practice going in CT – visit when you miss the K.O.M lefts and Dunes…

  4. Howzit James ,
    Good to hear the shoulder is on the mend . The laxity thing might count in your favour over the next few years . It’s good to remain loose and flexible , but keep the strength up as well . I am hoping to get to CT in late Nov , and would dig to see your practice . Send us your contact details on the hotmail or Facecloth . Still aiming to get a base back in CT , and I’m applying for dual specialist recognition at present .
    Keep charging !

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