Nose of board vs face

Friday night was my 30th birthday party, massive night planned, party at home in Torquay, Victoria.

I few boys came over for it from NZ, one who surprised me that morning, we were pumped. Headed straight out for a pre-party surf at winkipop. Had been out a couple of hours and was just gonna get one or two more before heading in. Got a reasonable one from pretty deep, took it all the way through to the inside section where I pulled through the back of the final shorey section that was closing down, like I’ve done hundreds of times before. Was still underwater when bam! Something sacked me in the chops. Popped up to see the water was pretty red around me and thought – this doesn’t look good. Felt my teeth, they all seemed to be there. Awesome I thought. Then felt my chin and once again ended up feeling my teeth, this time not via my mouth but via the second newly created mouth just below by original one. Better get off to the hospital I thought…

The walk up the stairs was a classic, every person I passed was like “ohhhhh faarrrrrrk that looks serious”, which I took as a bad prognostic sign.

Got up to the car wing mirror and had a squiz, I saw what they meant, there was a large flap hanging off and I could see my bottom teeth through it.

My two mates from NZ were still enjoying some of the fine winkipop waves and there was no way of letting them know my situation. Thankfully they were only another 15-20 mins as I walked around the car park holding pressure on it was a towel, all the while getting advice from people to ditch them and get into the hospital ASAP.

It wasn’t until that car ride in that I realised it was the nose of the board I had collided with. I knew this because I found a piece of my chin flesh stuck in the end of the nose and there was a bit of fibreglass missing from the tip of the nose. (the fibre glass was later found during plastic surgery).

The treatment I got at Geelong Hospital was absolutely outstanding!!!

From arriving in ED I was in theatre for plastic surgery with an hour and a half. Every handover between staff included, “he’s got his own 30th to get to, it starts at 7pm”. The plastics reg was in ED talking too me within about 15 minutes of me arriving. She went out of her way to get theatre time. Anaesthetists stayed to do the case who were supposed to be finished up. They agreed to do it under local so I could have a faster get away for the party. The outcome being that the injury happened about 2.40pm, I got to ED about an hour after that. I was in theatre recovery by 5.30pm having had it all fixed up by a great team of plastic surgeons. I’m sure working at the hospital and knowing many of the staff involved did give me a bit of an advantage with this amazingly fast tracked process.

I made it to the party for about 7.05pm back in Torquay.

Of course I took it easy at the party 😉 Responsibly calling it a night from the lounge room dance floor at about 4am, great night had by all.

The hard part now is sitting in the Bells / Winki car park as i write this watching and not being able to get out there while the kiwi boys enjoy 6-8 foot lined up Bells. Stoked for them though. Just want to make sure it heals up well so I’m good for the conference, not worth chancing it.

Speaking of which I’m absolutely frothing for the conference and looking forward to meeting you all over there. yaaaaaooooooooo!!!

Hope you’ve had more luck in the surf than me.



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