Turtle calls out the novices

Howdee folks
Here we are again, reporting in the south eastern tip of Java.
Today revealed a disjointed swell, in the 6 – 8 ft area and it turned into a day of solid paddling with a few bombs. The morning session really only had about 4 surfers in the line-up, all battling with the rip and while these 4 heroic surfers were out there dealing with the elements the legendary Turtle was heard to retort from the tower “there’s a bunch of novices out there today”

There were savage beatings all round and a number of broken boards and ego’s.  In the afternoon, the rip abated and there was a touch of evening glass for the small crew to enjoy.

On the medical front, there has been a bout of
Brazilian hypochondriasis and Jungle Flu, but no major carnage.

At present the camp is empty but numbers are predicted to rise steeply tomorrow, apparently a fresh batch of cadavers are due in at the pathology museum just up the track. Heaven help us.

On the wild life front, there have been cocky monkeys, fat rats and wild pigs spotted in abundance.

Party activities have been on hold while Nathan Rose & crew are recovering from a hectic bender. We predict more chaos on the morrow.

So signing out as the swell drops and the mood rises.

Dr Evil and Surf Guide Matt..

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