Zadda’s Blue Leg Saga

The guys went in with a small boat – not the usual boat that Polly drives. ( Polly usually has a med kit ) Swell was solid, 15ft – up to 20ft sets. The guys were towing, and local surfer Dustin Hollick was on the ski. Zadda got towed into this beast, and lost it on the step at the bottom.

He managed to do all the correct stuff initially – ie got his feet out of the straps, and tried to assume a safe position.
No luck with that – He got sucked up and over the falls .
Still trying to do a pin-drop, he felt himself getting compressed from above by the lip, and then from below by the recoil of the ocean.
He was ” crunched ” and pushed into the splitz, with his legs getting wrapped in all sorts of directions.

He thought he might have torn all the hamstrings, but initially was unsure of what had really occurred.
He got flogged by another wave, and washed into the channel where Dustin picked him up.
He got onto the boat, and as the adrenaline wore off he realised his leg was in trouble.

The pain was pretty hectic, and the Panadeine Forte he got off Marty Paradisis did nothing – he reckons he needed morphine asap.

The boys tried to get a chopper in to do the water retrieval but it was deemed unsafe, as the swell was too big.

Zadda had to be taken by boat to White Beach, which is at least a 30 minute trip.

Here at the boat ramp he received some decent analgesia from Paramedics.
He was given the ” Green Whistle ” which is Methoxyflurane, and reckons that was a great help.
He was also given morphine intravenously.

He was then transported to hospital for further assessment .
It was discovered that he had torn his adductor muscles, and had a considerable contusion / haematoma.

Out of the water for 2 months, and had a leg that was blue / purple and really swollen and painful initially.

He has now really come to terms with the gravity of what can go wrong out there.
Guys are really pushing the limits at Shippies, and there is a need for decent medical support.
The local boys are working with the Clubbies ( Life -Savers ) to make things a bit safer.
Gearing up decent medical kits, and getting some kind of retrieval routine down.

The Surf Docs donated a kit to James ” Polly ” Polanowski which has been put to good use.

There is talk of a major surf comp going down out there, and hopefully if this goes ahead then safety issues will be looked into and beefed up.

Zadda’s leg has now returned to it’s normal shape and colour, and he’s back frothing to get amongst some more solid Shippies Juice!!

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