Jungle politics and a dropping swell

Howzit guys ,
Well we are yet again surfed out after a clean
day of 4-5ft waves . The morning revealed
some gems down at the Pad ..and even a few
Speedies sections .
There were a few incidents of surf rage today .
The finer details have not been revealed , but
we gather it was sparked by a ” Pushing down
the section ” incident …The crew involved had a
heated exchange , and one surfer was spotted
racing across the reef with his tail between his legs .
After a large party last night some domestic chaos
ensued …there was a rock’n roll moment of room
trashing and dummy spitting .
We have a feeling that the toxicology continued
throughout the day .
” Dr Dutts ” Dutton was called in for some on the
spot counselling ..and , along with that , he revealed
he also has amazing healing powers , repairing
a painful fist stat .
Food has been 5 star again ..but , the drink situation
is dire , after all the large Bintangs were decimated
last night .
On the pathology front , apart from the bruised
fist , we had some sore heads …and a bizarre
case of shaved nuts ?? ..last seen heading to his
room with a few rabid squirrels in tow .

So , thats it for now .
Swell is in an unpredictable state ..so lets wait
and see what tommorrow brings .

Adios from the SE tip of Java .

Dr Phil , Matt ( FB ) , and the hard living rock
stars .

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