Dropping swell and Big influx

Hi guys , today we had a number of crew pull
in . 25 came into the camp , and only 2 left .
WTF ?? ..Just like coming to a braai with no
boerewors or biltong !!
Once again the solicitoring android , rocked up
and proceeded to voice his unwanted thoughts
for the day …To the g-land jury’s disgust ,
Objection and order in the court was the bottom
line ..Thus sending the rash – like irritation ..
back to it’s original prodrome .
The waves were 2-3ft and rather soft ..but ,
David Pfaff managed to throw his weight around
and destroy a few Kongs Gems !!
Bethany Hamilton and her righteous brethren
also enjoyed our God given peaks ..
It was good to see the back of back , sack ,
and crack ,…good riddance , and , honestly
mate , that is just not normal !!
On the wildlife front ..We happily welcome back
one of the alltime favourites ” The Hyena ” ,
alias ..Filipe ..Back for his annual Squirrel
Pilgrimage ..Good on him !
Domestic violence is now at an alltime low ,
after Sid and Nancy ran out of meds ..thus
waking up waking to reality ” Ohh where did my
front door go ?? ” …
Finally thanking the local Zen healer and Cosmic
Homeopathic , aromatherapeutic , actupuntcturistic ,
self medicated ..John ” The Dutts Nuts ” ..Dutton .
We also welcome Kimbo ..the new Yoga guru ..
Bring on the 7am body twisting cult ..
And for all those guys out there who always
wanted to know ; Yes , it is possible , but only
in the corner of a windowless room ..
That’s it suckers …
Adios from the monkey porn capital of Java .
Just ask Raja Monjet ..ahhh Billy , we love you .
Dr Phil and The Fat Bastard .

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