Boy George busted again in South Eastern Tip of Java

The once reformed rocker who has never learnt his lesson after his short sabbatical is back for fondling the beloving jewels of Plengkung Reserve. Much to the other wave riders disgust, his “Lawyers of Arabia” approach, attire, attitude and general arrogance nearly led to his demise. Luckily it only came down to an Aussie ritual called “dacking” exposing his inadequacies, where one young Aussie yelled out “Hey Mr, is that a baked bean in a jacket..!!!”

Bobbies pathology museum is now extremely congested.. Smelly cadavers packed in single file to the ceiling.. Funnily enough the cadavers appeared to be having the biggest gig on the point, sucking back large pints of formaldehyde, saying “Hey Glynn, doesnt this place seem a bit dead to you…!!”

Speaking of Glynn Dalbock – Ex Springbok surfer who today sustained a savage 2cm laceration, piercing the skin by millimeters, only inches away from the neurovascular bundle.. Luckily Dr Dutt’s came to the rescue with his zen healing powers. Unfortunately for Dr Dutt’s, his AFD was cut short when Glynn in a state of shock & delirium bought a case of Bintang and forced a 6 pack’s worth on the “spineless, amoeboid-like creature” thus sending Dr Dutt’s back in time in a savage Vortex of brainless chaos…
When arriving Sid & Nancy said “welcome back”

Getting back to the surf front.. It was a slow day with no injuries except for J-Rod and his “Kuta Kiss” But nothing a pink bandage couldnt fix.. Of course, dont forget the massive outbreak of Jungle hypochondriasis that has been keeping Dr Evil out of the surf and forever twisted..

Sumpai Jumpa..
Fat & Evil..

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