Ben Harding


Nationality: British

Current Position: Final year med student at Bart’s and the London school of medicine and dentistry Emergency dentist and locum maxillofacial sho

Favourite surf destination:
On balance probably Ciamaja and West Java region. A last minute boat trip to the Mentawai islands with a bunch of charging Aussies was an eye opener.

Travel experience:
Indo, Aus, Costa Rica, Norway, Finland, US, Canada, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco

Education and work experience:
I am a current final yr med student, and a dentist (BDS) with a specialist interest in IV sedation and oral surgery. I have SHO experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery in the UK and Aus. A fellowship with the Royal college of Surgeons England. I have a steady hand and a keen eye for facial trauma and lacerations.

Any information you would like to add about yourself:
I consider myself a cheerful and inquisitive character. I like traveling to wild places and getting my self in sticky situations, I also like helping people out of similar situations. A surf or climbing trip puts a sparkle in my eye and keeps my wife sane.

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