Surfing : What is the definition ??

Howzit folks
Here we are again, hot, humid, torpid, sweating and full of garlic and chilli.

It was a hazy day, with a persistant south wind blowing down the face causing sever wrinkles and frowns of the normal glowing faces of the G-Land
waves.  Once again, there were some strange surfing antics leading us to ask: What is the definition of surfing??
Is taking off hanging onto both rails throughout the whole ride, whilst only having one leg semi erected and the other one lying like a flacid member
crippled on your wave riding tool, from start to finish.. What do you think? Is that wave riding? NOT..  This was reminicent of the famous human luge
rider from last year, who amazed all in his casper the ghost outfit, managing to complete rides in the same stance, but possibly with more style.   Still considered not surfing in our eyes.
Camps are brimming with Bobby’s stack of cadavers overflowing onto the pristine reef.  And the Jungle camp is about to recieve 32 more flotsam and jetsam.  To give us more to write about tomorrow night..

On the wildlife front, the camp put on a beautiful barbecue last night. Only to be up-ended by our resident Zen Healing retard (Dr Dutt’s) who proceeded
unprovoked and much to everyone’s disgust to only fall asleep in his own bodily fluids. When woken on the bar, where he slept, asking: “Has anyone seen my sunglasses?”   To only be told by some other guests they probably next to your dignity and self pride…
Yet another injury free day, other than re-dressing J-Rods muffler burn in a pretty pink, befitting bandage.

With swell on the horizon, and hopefully a change in the wind, stay tuned to the carnage channel for fresh updates from the chaotic jungle.

Evil & Fats..

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