The heart of darkness revisited

Hi Guys
Welcome back to the South Eastern tip of Java..
No doubt a spot that Joseph Conrad would love to have hung out at..
We have had many an “apocolypse now” moment here over the last few weeks.. With our resident surf guide Matt (The fat bastard) Dobell, doubling as Colonel Kurtz .  There has been fear and loathing and a whole lot more !!
The earths crust has been somewhat unstable ,  and there have been numerous earth tremors ..  But , no sign of any tidal wave action .
Thank Goodness !!  Although we could do with a bit more juice .

On the medical front we had an eventful day ,  with a nasty shoulder dislocation around midday .  Luckily the Aussie concerned was super relaxed ,  and co-operative , thus making the re-location a relatively easy process .  Hats off to the blokes who helped him out of the water , and stabilised him when he hit the reef .  Good on you , Craig ” Crackers ” and your mates .
There were a few added bastings on the reef ..  but , nothing too serious .
On the camp congestion front , all camps are full and swollen to capacity ..
Jungle camp had 22 leave , and 36 arrive ..  Busy times for the Jungle team .
Surf was around the 4-5ft mark …but , the dreaded south wind persisted , and we were left with….wrinkled faces yet again !!
All things said and done , there were still a few tasty bombs on the ledge on dark .  The party situation has been toned down , after Zen Guru , Dr Dutts lost his brain this morning ..  and was noted to be frantically wandering around the camp in search of his grey matter..
Kiki , the jungle prophet ..has rolled back into camp after a close brush with death a out of this world Mackeral experience …He made it out alive , by the skin of his shiny white teeth .. Good to see the prophet back in the zone .

The food has been great ..but , rumour has it there are some tasty cholesterol bombs up on the point …( Raymondo’s sausage sizzle experience )
Good to see Raymondo back as well … (The Keith Richards of G-land ) …
So here we are ..lurking in the deep , dark jungle ..hanging out with numerous “Apocolypse Now” -type characters …( Including one of the darkest creatures on this planet ..” The Blackman ” ..) ..Joseph Conrad would have loved to have
been hanging with this loose crew ..
Adios for now ..
Evil and Fats

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