Dry Docked: 3 Steps to avoiding ankle injuries

Surfing as we all know is richly rewarding, but we also know it can be a demanding activity – Demanding on your petrol budget, demanding on your patience while waiting out a flat spell, and of course demanding on your body.


Some surfers pay a heavy price with surf-related injuries, especially those who are always trying to push their limits – their next air a little higher and more tweaked, their next layback more contorted than the previous, or like Durban local Chris Frolich (above), their next re-entry a little more twisted.

None of us like time out of the water to recover from an injury, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and exercise those parts of our body that are more at risk. Boland local Phil Nel has seen his fair share of surf-related injuries. Being a frothing surfer as well as a biokineticist at Le Roux & Nel Biokenetics, Phil knows a thing or two about avoiding an injury that will keep you dry docked.

With the help of Kommetjie fitness guru Neil Zietsman of 3S Training, Phil talks us through three easy steps to reducing surf-related ankle injuries.

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