Doldrums hit G-Land

Howzit folks
Here we are after a day of serious low pressure action and no wind.. No trade winds, no clear skies and a powerful dose of humidity..
The predicted bump in the swell only reached us in the late afternoon and was severely wind affected.   Needless to say there were a few gems in amongst the disorganised peaks..

On the medical front the only major issue today was “jungle fever” – this involves a case of protracted G-Land in-habitation that slowly creeps up on one’s cranium and turns it to mush.. Delirium ensues, and the only cure is a good ‘ol day back at work.. (which sucks..)

On the social front, we have a menagerie of characters here at the moment.. Including the “Blackman” darkest man in Java at present, Col. Kurtz fresh from “Nam..” eating everything in his path..
Sid & Nancy still raving on..
Dr Dutt’s – totally Zen, stoked, and good to be around.. We love your positive attitude..
The South African duo – David Pfaff (Im still hungry and in need of 20 more of Raymondo’s sausage rolls.. ) And Lyle Botcher (totally relaxed and possibly in reverse and loving his holiday)

On the party front, there has been an increase in formaldehyde poisoning and some loose behaviour, all brought on by this lack of barometric pressure and torpid humidity.. Leading the charge we have had “Col Kurtz”, Dr Dutt’s & Sid & Nancy.. All mental focus has been on directing the trade winds to blow in the SE direction again.. If this doesnt happen within the next 48 hours then we will have to chase the code of Holly Meldrum “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!!”
We’ll leave the blowup doll joke out of this one… !!

So, as we suck back our last few Bintangs for the night, we pray to the great surf god – Hughie to provide us with the wind and swell that we need because all the other ingredients are set in the cosmic coral reef that we all know is the heart and soul of G-Land..

Adios folks..
Dr Phil & FB

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