tomkat!? invasion

Watch out for tomkats!? These little blighters (antlike beetle) release a nasty and irritating discharge when angered. The resultant skins
20130514_162734 ‘burn’ is almost vesicular in nature and not to dissimilar to certain spider bites.


  1. Good post, keep up the good work… Two things I like about the post, one it is straight forward and two it does not attempt to promote anyone’s position particularly. I like this one Ben.

  2. The Tomcats struck again last night here in G land. This time on the buttock of one of the guests. Symptoms included local erythema and pain as well as aching down her legs and ipsilateral inguinal lymphadenopathy. Also general feeling of unwell / malaise. Most of these symptoms had resolved with 48 hours with just symptomatic treatment with antihistamines, paracetamol and ibuprofen plus a days rest from the surf. The insect was sighted by her and confirmed as a tomcat insect.

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