The Legend of G-Land

G-Land is the first in an on-going series titled, “Heroes, Myths, Legends and Lore” that examines the magic and mystery of wave riding.

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Photo: Dan Merkel/A-Frame

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  1. Hey Guys,

    My name is Marc and I am now running Jack surf camp with new owners.

    I am hoping to visit Ease Oz, in Feb and/or March and looking for some folks to put me up cheaply as I cruise the coast and promote our camp…and surf with locals.

    Will trade time in Aussie homes, for time at G-Land Jack surf Camp.

    Please pass this around to your various associates.

    fyi – I am 53 year young very nice American professional, retired and now in the surf camp biz…would love to meet lots of you and your friends and hopefully get you to come to G-land…

    I am in US now, but will be back in Bali from about Oct 15 forward…indefinitely and will be hopping around the world doing some promo stuff for the camp.

    My personal budget is limited and thus why I am asking for assistance in finding cheap places to stay while doing the East Coast of Australia…any/all help will be greatly appreciated.

    Jump in – make a new friend and help a mate on a new adventure in life.

    Cheers –

    Best regards,

    Marc Wieta
    G-Land Jack Surf Camp

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