Pied Piper and Lemmings depart G-Land

Howzit folks

Reporting in today after one blog blinder, because of Raymondo’s beer fest, we will be combining 2 reports into one..

Yesterday surf was in the 4 – 5 ft region and we even had a few clean gems roll through speedies.. The SA crew (David & Lyle) were onto it milking every last drop out of the dropping swell..
Later on Raymondo’s sausage sizzle beerfest extravaganza ensued.. !! The feeding and drinking frenzy amounted to a night of massive proportions.. The Jungle camp contingent soldiered on long into the wee hours of this morning..  Leading the charge was your truly – Dr Evil and his trusty surf guide – FB.. who managed to sustain some serious drinking injuries consisting of bilateral elbow abrasions from leaning on the bar, power drinking..?!
Needless to say there was many a sore head this morning adding to the extensive outbreak of hypochondriasis.. Luckily for us, the surf was below par in the 2 -3 ft region just trickling down the reef.

We waved goodbye to Sid & Nancy this morning, who left in an inebriated state, powering back numerous long necks before 8am.. Their trusty travel partner, Owen (Blowy) left with a stomach tattoo the shape of Dr Dutt’s hand, apparently inflicted during the beerfest…
Other injuries of note include “Blackman’s” reef kiss, (not from surfing), Youka’s staph infestation, Dr Dutt’s frontal lobotomy (from having too many bottles infront of him) and Gunther Rohn’s chronic shoulder condition.
Getting back to the title – our over amped, loud mouthed yoga guru left this morning along with numerous lemming-like followers.. The yoga sessions will now be conducted my our zen healing guru – Dr Dutt’s.. But unfortunately we wont have any sessions until he finds his brain.. !!
Signing off from a very quiet (hanging) crew..
Evil & Fats

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