Just a little update from the Jungle

The back half of July was met with pumping surf which kept the surfers happy and the docs busy cleaning up the carnage off the reef.
For the most part the clinic has been filled with some solid lacerations, infected reef rash, and the ever-popular sea urchin spines imbedded deep beneath the skin. The biggest days of swell landed two young guys with dislocated shoulders and another with a torn ACL.


This young kid lost his fight with a coral head, which required 10 stitches on the back of his scalp.


An interesting case of phytophotodermitis

For those of you who like to use lime juice to clean off those nasty little abrasions, make sure you wash it off the skin before heading back out into the sun. This guy enjoyed a Bintang on the beach after his brush with the reef and the lime juice left on his skin created this, phytophotodermitits. The juice that ran down his back made his skin hypersensitive to UV light resulting in this itchy, discolored rash that showed up a few days later.

After a few days off, it looks as if there is another big swell looming on the horizon, which means more perfect tubes than people can count and probably a fair amount of work for the incoming doc. Hopefully everyone stays safe and gets blasted out of the wave of their life.

Cheers, Brook


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