SurfDoc Nick Maister to the rescue!

Just came across this guy, Mark, in the car park at Winkipop, Victoria. Nice guy, a primary school teacher down for a wave from Melbourne. He had suffered a nasty gash to the back of his head from a stray fin. Took him back home to suture it up to save him a long wait in the ED on a Saturday evening. As the story unfolded, an interesting twist was that the stray fin had belonged to one of our mates, A Doctor from the local Geelong Hospital. This was also one year to the day (almost the hour) and at the same wave, that I suffered my ‘through and through’ chin injury that featured on the Surfing Doctors website last year. A couple of strange coincidences for the full moon. Another case of right place in the right time.


A message from Mark:

Last weekend I was lucky enough to bump into the wonderful Dr Nick in the Bells Beach carpark. I had a nice fin chop to the back of the head which was promptly sutchered up in Dr Nick’s Torquay kitchen! He clearly went above and beyond the call of duty.

In amongst the bleeding and sewing he told me of the wonderful organisation that is the Surfing Doctors.

Supporting your great organisation by purchasing a first aid kit is a tiny drop of support amongst an ocean sized amount of awesome that you guys provide.

Mr Mark Quinn

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