1st Sept G land update – Photog Dave’s mishap

01 September 2013


No serious mishaps since Dave (photographer at Rays) got nailed in the tinny 6 days ago. See the photos of the boat air borne trying to clear a wide set. Super sick effort by Froody and Clive getting him to the hospital for X-rays, arriving back at 3am!

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This from Dr Clivey Price…


 A wide set rolled through the boat channel, and Dave the camp photographer was thrown 6ft in the air, landing on his hip. I was having an evening beer at the watch tower and saw this happen but was unaware of what had happend to Dave. Mike who was surfing at the time was alerted to the boat channel where Dave was lying on the floor of the tin boat, unable to move due to the pain and bleeding from a laceration to his right hip. Mike ran back to the clinic and grabbed some first aid supplies and analgesia. Dave was given 5mg of IV morphine to help with his initial pain before transfer onto a stretcher.



A stretcher was borrowed from bobbies camp, and Dave was transfered onto the back of a pick up truck and back to the camp and the clinic. This is when i first became aware of the incident. Back at the clinic we conducted a primary survey and a set of basic obs. We administered further analgesia (Paracetamol and ketorolac) and inserted an intravenous cannuae. Closer examination of the hip reealed a bleeding 2cm laceration on the right hip, and  tenderness inferior laterally to the the ASIS.  Leg pulses were palpable, and sensation was normal. Of concern was a large haematoma superior to the laceration, which drained through the site of the laceration.
The decision was made to travel overland to the hospital in Genteng (3 hours) for further medical assistance and radiological assessment of the pelvis. We prepared a box of equipment that we would need if Daves condition deteriated including IV fluids and analgesia. The evacuation went smoothly, with regular monitoring and analgesia covered with oral tramadol paracetamol and ketorolac.



Anyway, had another look at his xray yesterday (which was given the all clear at the hospital) and there is a fracture of the iliac crest. It would have occurred from the direct impact. Not in the load bearing axis therefore management still analgesia and weight bearing as tolerated. We got some crutches made for him and he’s been up and about a bit. Because there was a decent lac over it have got him of dual antibiotics incase there had beenany communication of the fracture (which I think is unlikely but best to be safe) and monitoring wound for signs of infection.



He’s making progress and is looking at getting up the tower for his first day since it happened – to coincide with the arrival of the new swell today. Looking solid out there this morning, very nice lines wrapping in, just awaiting trade winds to kick in and really get it heaving.



By Nick Maister

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  1. Thanks once more for the help and care I recieved from the Surfing Drs here in G-Land,Drs Mike,Nick and Clive were so helpful in my time of need and continue to monitor my progress which is slowly coming along.Am now up and about,but will be some time before I crack into a sprint or surf.
    The Surfing Doctors.A great organisation and appreciated immensely.
    My Best Regards

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