End of season big swell!

Howzit from the jungle. Just thought I’d update the blog with the jungle shenanigans of the last two weeks. And what a two weeks it has been! I arrived on the day of the ‘swell of the season’ and anticipation and nerves were running high right from the start as 4 out of the 7 heading to g land had a collective panic attack on the boat in the bay and demanded to be taken back to the beach because of the large swell out to sea. Unfortunately for me one of them was my girlfriend, who I had been trying to persuade that it was fine, it was a modern boat and the captain knew what he was doing. This argument fell on deaf ears when 3 big tattooed Aussie demanded to be taking back saying they had kids and it wasn’t worth the risk. So arrangements were made for an overland trip for them and the boat went on with only 3 of us. To be fair the captain did well leaving the harbour but we still managed to get about 4ft of air time off one of the rollers. However this only lasted 5 minutes and once we were out to sea it was plain sailing..

The swell came, and man was it big! But it was coming at too westerly angle and just washing through the point, creating a hell current and not much wall at all. Coupled with dodgy winds, All but a couple opted for chickens which was absolutely firing, running from the boat channel all the way to 20:20 if you had the pump…which a couple of the Hawaiians did. ‘The longest wave of my life’ was a phrases banded about quite a lot that evening.

Unfortunately, Dale one of the older chargers from bobbies went over the falls and got a deep fin laceration to his heel….through his bootie. The bootie it’s self wasn’t cut but he was still left with a 5 cm long, 2 cm deep laceration. Without booties I think he would have shaved a good two inches of flesh off of his heel and spent the rest of his life walking in large circles! Booties saved the day though and after a good wash out a a few stitches all was good, he was even surfing 2 days later!

Next up i was called upon to do a home visits to two Hawaiians down at bobbies camp with apparently query malaria. So after a quick bit of brushing up on malaria and causes of fever in the tropics (everything!). I headed down with my doctors bag. Thankfully it was just a case of travellers d&v despite looking pretty rough. So with some advice, some rehydration sachets and some, possibly placebo cipro all was well.

Over the next few days there were more stitches and some infected bites. The nights were moderately tame with the odd unexpected flare up that occurs here in the jungle…one night mangaging to polish off two bottles of whiskey and a respectable number of bingtangs between 6 of us for no apparent reason…fun though!

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