Update part 2 – what a difference an inch and a half makes!

Up date part 2 – what a difference and inch and a half makes! I am writing this all In retrospect so I thought I’d stagger the blog a bit to give someone the chance, however unlikely, to get to the end of one of my ramblings!

The swell continued to stick around and the direction improved which gave us some solid days in the 8-10ft range, it wasn’t classic spitting g land as the wind still wasn’t quite doing its thing. However some good drops and heavy wipe outs were had by all.

Brad, a kiwi who had been one of the few to surf Uluw on the day of the massive swell, tweaked his ankle in the water. It wasn’t broken, just a grade I-II sprain to his antero-lateral ligaments. Luckily for him it was his last surf of his trip anyway. A physio who was staying at the camp had lots of helpful advice and we did a couple of videos on how best to strap up ankle and knee injuries which we will try and get up on the site. So thanks a lot Joel!

A few other minor injuries have kept me busy and for the last few days, the winds have been off shore and the waves pumping with classic money trees and speedies. After one of the best surfs I had had this trip I was contently walking back into camp to find the bar had become a waiting room! First up was a Aussie who was looking as pale as a sheet when im first saw him and when he told me what happen i understood why. He got tumbled on his last wave in and had a 5 cm fin laceration an inch and a half above a particular area of anatomy that most men consider most vital! Thankfully everything was neuro vascularly intact and after some stitches and reassurance he was a happy customer. Next was the yoga teacher at joyo’s who got stabbed by the reef in his forehead. He had two deep stab wounds roughly an inch and a half above his left eye and a couple of more superficial lacerations. At first I couldn’t quite understand the colour of his subcutaneous tissue…it looked like it had been cauterised with silver nitrate. Once I started cleaning the wounds it become apparent that coral head that had made the stab wounds had disintegrated on impact and completely tattooed all of the wounds. With the help of Steve resident charger, guide and first aider at bobbies we spent 2 and a half hours meticulously removing minute fragments of coral…probable the closest to micro surgery I am going to come. Despite the amount of time to satisfactorily clean the wound closure was simple and he only needed 3 stitches and some steri strips…not much to impress the girls with. In the bar later we joked about how luckily we’d been as if both wounds had been an inch and a half lower I would have come back to a guy with a severed penis and a guy with missing eye…we all gave a nervous laugh and promptly downed the rest of our bingtangs.

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