Silabu Sanitation Project , Mentawi Islands

Hi guys , time for a brief update after the 2013 G-land Conference .
At present we have Dr’s Alex Turner and Ant Brown on a mission in the Ments . They are having a good look at the medical requirements in the area , and especially Silabu Village . To assist the guys at Maccas Resort , the SurfDocs are handing over 3000 Oz dollars to assist with a Sanitation Project going down in the Village .
The group is also looking into setting up some kind of medical base out in the Ments .
There is a very definite need for Medical back-up and Medical Retrieval in the area , and this was highlighted by a number of pretty nasty incidents this surf season .
We are hoping to work with some of the key players to improve surf safety out there .
The other major Public Health issue is that of the local Islanders .
Simple issues like Dentition , Skin Hygeine and Malaria awareness are still a problem .
The plan is to assist where we can .
The SurfDocs will be fundraising again in 2014 , and hope to generate some cash flow to continue with our Mentwai mission .
We will also be cracking on with the infimary development at G-land , and have a few other ideas we will be rolling with in the New Year .
Ant Brown should be blogging on soon from the Ments with some pics from his latest adventure out there .
So in closing I’d like to leave you with some food for thought from The World Organisation of Family Doctors . They had a recent conference in Europe , and one of the quotes from the first president of the Czech Republic , Vaclav Havel , included this , ” The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart , in the human power to reflect , in human meekness and human responsibility . ” Think on these things as the Silly Season approaches !!
Yours Truly ,’
Dr Phil Chapman

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