Dr John Gotta



Nationality: American (English, Scottish and Italian descent)

Current Position: Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department at the Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Favorite Surf Destination: Peru


Travel Experience: Peru, Maui, Central and Southern California, North Carolina, Canada, New England

Education & Work Experience: Graduate of the University of Rhode Island College of Nursing, former Collegiate Nurse Intern at the Miriam Hospital in Providence RI, Nurse preceptor to nurses and paramedic students transitioning to the ED, former Emergency Medical Technician working with municipal emergency medical services.

Personal Information: In addition to surfing I love to skateboard, snowboard and travel. Besides working in the ED I also bartend at a local beach club in Rhode Island…there’s actually a lot of similarity between emergency nursing and bartending!


  1. Hi John
    Great to hear from you!Im a fellow Emergency RN working at Byron Bay ED,Australia.
    Ive been working in G-Land in Java since 2000,where I met the Director and founder of the Surfing Doctors,Dr Phillip Chapman.
    We have a conference in G-land every September,usually late September.We run through Surfing related health issues with practical scenario training on the reef!(and of course plenty of barrels and beers!)Tell us a bit more about yourself,your surfing ability/wave size limits and if you can suture scalps!!!
    Cheers Jim

    • Hey Jim…awesome to hear from a fellow ER nurse! I’ve been working in the ER as an RN for about 3 years now. It’s a level 2 trauma ER that does about 61,000 patients a year, so we get some pretty interesting cases! I work with a doctor in the ER, Andrew Nathanson, a fellow surfer who wrote a book about surf medicine and mentioned Surfing Doctors to me. It seems like the perfect opportunity to combine emergency medicine with surfing! So I mainly surf in Rhode Island in southern New England (south of Boston), winter is the best time I year, it can get double overhead at best so we never get anything super huge but it has it’s moments. We have a lot of rock reef breaks and points that can get pretty good during nor Easters and hurricane season. I’ve been surfing for 19 years now and can hold my own…though overhead g-land would definately be a new experience!! I’ve wanted to surf there for years, that left looks unreal. With regards to sutures…ER nurses here aren’t specially trained in that but it is a skill I definately want to learn. I’m looking to see if there’s a class I might be able to take in RI. How is ER nursing in Australia? I work with an RN that worked in Perth and totally loved it! Look forward to hearing from you and hope you’re getting waves in Australia….and barrels an beers sounds awesome! Best- John

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