The termination of an evil presence

Howzit folks
Well the time has come to exit the jungle..
Yesterday conditions were very small, in the 2 – 3 ft range, thus making a normally painful departure quite bearable..
The crowd in the water consisted of day tripping Euro gliders and numerous be-helmeted darth vadar – like crash test dummies, giving the other “real” surfers added entertainment..
On the injury front (this should really be the lost and found section..) we have Dr Dutt’s who is still in search of his brain, rumour has it that Gi Gi the jungle dog scoffed it… !! She must be running on a full tank as she ate his dignity and pride the night before..
John Hepler (resident photographer) has been doing a roaring trade with the SAfrican contingent mortgaging their homes to purchase shots of themselves..
Raymondo’s sausage sizzle continues to impress all punters who chase the smell of real Aussie meat and NZ bacon every evening as the scent wafts down the point. No doubt all the renumeration keeps our good friend Raymondo, in a fairly bouncy state..!!
I will now be handing back over to Dr Preeti, who will be currying up a storm in the near future..
Signing off until next time..
Phil & Matt

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