Solomon Islands Project

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Surfing Doctors is working with New Zealand trained GP

Dr Chris Millar to fundraise, build and staff a medical

clinic at Namuga/Star Harbour.

Namuga is an isolated community on the south-eastern

tip of Makira Island in the Solomon Islands chain

sheltering some of the best reef passes in the Pacific.

The clinic will bring medical care to 22,000 people in one

of the poorest island areas which is isolated >4hrs by

road + >2hrs by sea from the nearest doctor.

Your donation will help to build this clinic and provide

life-saving treatment from current crippling rates of

malaria, tuberculosis, malnutrition, peri-natal and

maternal mortality.

Co-funded by AusAid, New Zealand Development Fund,

Solomon’s Government



  1. Chris Millar
    We would like to invite you to become a member of Doctors Assisting in Solomon Islands (DAISI)
    A not for profit organisation trying to link and coordinate volunteer medical services in the Solomon Islands.
    Would love to talk.
    Dr Gary McKay

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