Silabu (Mentawai Islands) Project

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Many of you will know Macaronis for its reputation as having one of the best left hand waves in the world.

Lesser known is just how poor the living conditions and standard of health are in its neighboring village, Silabu.

Simple issues like Dentition , Skin Hygeine and Malaria awareness are still a huge problem in Silabu.

Over the past 2 years the Surfing Doctors have been working on conjunction with Macaronisresort to assist the local village in improving their sanitation infrastructure through resources and funding.

The surfing doctors have also run education sessions with the local villagers on management of fundamental health issues such as wound and dental hygiene.

The proceeds from last years Surfing Doctors raffle went a long way to helping get this project off the ground. With funds raised from this years efforts we aim to build on this groundwork and really make a difference to this community.

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