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Hey everyone!

Angry Angus here (I’m not actually that angry…). I arrived a few days ago out at Raymond’s camp and was welcomed by a pumping swell.


I came out with two friends from NZ, Nick and Brad – just three of us on the boat. Four guys left and three of us arrived and with Sam Der Sarkissian staying on, there was only four of us in the camp! Two more kiwis arrived yesterday and so the sheep shaggers are dominating at Raymond’s!

Nick and Sam have been surfing through the lunch shift with only one other guy out! Three people at high-tide, 3-4 foot? Where is everyone?

18 people are leaving Bobby’s today we hear, with only two returning and the swell is rising tomorrow… Should be a good few days we’re hoping!

Overall it has been a very quiet season out here so far. Sydney’s Sam der Sarkissian has been in charge for the past week with little carnage. He treated Troy with some reef rash from one of the big days and Sam is now a fully qualified urchin surgeon! Some gastro upsets and musculoskeletal problems have also been common.

On Sunday when the swell was up I got a bomb…


and on the paddle back out, I heard someone yelling loudly…(apparently he saw a shark under him!) Then I saw a guy paddling frantically towards Bobby’s boat. I saw a guy with blood pouring into his eyes from his forehead. I paddled over and asked whether I could help out and jumped on the boat. (In the right place at the right time!!) We quickly put pressure on the wound with a t-shirt and found out that it was likely a fin-chop. He was gathering his board after a big wash through set and pulled his board towards himself – the back of the middle fin must have slammed straight into his forehead, luckily just above his right eyebrow. (sorry I didn’t get photos)

We got back to land and assessed the damage. The fin chop was 6 cm in length, deep but clean. He was bleeding a lot and so I washed it out and pulled it together with ~6 or 7 sutures. The bleeding stopped and a GP from Busselton (RSA) came in from the surf (Russ?). Our fin-chopped friend was eager to get back in the surf that afternoon but both Russ and I advised against this. The swell was dropping so he managed to stay dry for 48 hours! He shot off in Bobby’s boat this morning… Hopefully we hear back from him.

The clinic room is well stocked and the audit is underway and I’ll have some data to present at the conference.

Apart from that, camp is quiet and relaxing. Lots of pool sessions and ping pong battles. The monkeys are monkeying around.
Food is as good as always. Big thanks to Ray for serving quality food and having great staff. Best spot on the point for sure! Eben and Asiz are looking after us and are always providing some entertainment.

Froth is building for the conference and to anyone that is thinking of coming, get the time off and make that booking – get over here! It will be an awesome time with good waves and awesome people 🙂

Angus Murray

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