October Froth is ON!!

Back in the G-land jungle for a second stint this year… taking over from Dr Phil…Just recovering from the overnight, overland trip over here- should have taken the fastboat option but was frothing to get out of Kuta…

Thoughts go out to the very many people affected by the two Indonesian earthquakes, and the tsunami in the South Pacific… latest news from www.bbc.co.uk

The crew- I am joined by surf guide Mick Burke, also on his second stint of the season, and on the next trip, multitalented Steve Morgan- yoga teacher (but also a fellow doc from London)…

Give me a while to settle in and I’ll keep you posted on the goings on in the jungle…

Resident Surf Doc, Joyo’s Surf Camp, G-land, Java, Indonesia.

PS Many of you will be please to hear the the duty free bourbon managed to make it to the jungle unsmashed this time… waiting for an auspicious moment for its ceremonial opening….

Settling in, mellowing out, and will be with you with more news very very soon…


  1. Hi Preeti
    Heading over 12th of October, heard trade winds have come early is this true, can you post regular updates on conditions please

    John sydney, Australia

  2. Howzit Preeti ,
    Sounds like Dibbel has left . Did he go north to Sumatra ? Heavy news of late . Have you heard anything from the Surf Aid guys ?? They are in the thick of it up there in Padang .
    No doubt you are stoked to be there .
    Keep the Blogs flowing , and don’t forget to have at least 4-6 Bintangs before you prepare your report .
    The only thing that needs relative accuracy is the surf report .
    Say howzeet to Burkey and Annie , and the whole crazy crew there in the Jungle .
    Dr Phil

  3. John- will do- also check out the News Section on http://www.g-land.com, the daily surf report is written by surf guide Mick Burke…

    Phil- yep all good in the jungle despite bit dose of jungle flu… think Dibble is in Bali, and have posted the lasted on Padang from the Surf Aid crew, complete with link for donations…

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